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A war you cannot win songs

Yet not more surely shall the Spring awake The voice of wood and brake, Than she shall rouse, for all her tranquil charms A million men to arms.
Oercome with weariness and care, The war-worn veteran lay On the green turf of his native land, And slumbered by the way; The breeze that sighed across his brow, And smoothed its deeped lines, Fresh from his own loved mountain bore The murmur of their.
We'll tell them the thrillling story, And we'll say to each childish heart, "By this gallant deed, at thy country's need, Be ready to do thy part." A christmas OF long AGO.
"Take him and welcome!" the surgeon said; "Much your doctor can help the dead!" And so we took him and brought him where The balm was sweet on the summer air; And we laid him down on a wholesome bed Utter Lazarus, heel to head!There, 'neath the budding foliage green, Ere Night evolved her dewy breath, While Vict'ry smiled upon the scene, Our Chieftan met the blow of death.Gird on the sword for the sacred fight, For the battle-hour hath come!John Wesley, did he blow his cool and fill the fools with lead?And then passed in countless thousands In that mighty phantom host True hearts and noble patriots Whose names on earth are lost.Every Baltimore boy had been killed in the fight, Save the girlish-faced captain, and he scarce alive.But who can paint the impulse pure, That thrills and nerves thy brave To deeds of valor, that secure The rights their fathers gave?How blest is he who draws His sword in freedom's cause!Oh, dream not thus, though true and good I Unnumbered hearts on thee await, By thee invisibly have stood, Have crowded through thy prison-gate; Nor dungeon bolts, nor dungeon bare, Nor floating "stripes and stars Nor glittering gun or bayonet, Can ever cause.But thou hast noble sons, and brave, The Stars and Bars above thee wave, And here we'll make oppression's grave, Upon the soil of Georgia!Many a little form will stray Adown the glen and o'er the hill, And watch, with wistful looks, the way For him whose step is missing still; And when the twilight steals apace O'er mead, and brook, and lonely home, And shadows cloud the dear.The rifle, And sheathe, O shame!

Thou wert the strongest bulwark To stay the tide of fight; The name thy soldiers gave thee Bore witness of thy might!
Let it reach the startled Huns!
Let the coward fly, 'Tis the hero that bides the fray!
Musical style edit, drummer Jason Costa stated about the album: airtel bill payment discount coupon "This is a very guitar, very melody-oriented album.Oh, give her rest!By Morton Bryan Wharton,.The Midnight of the Cause Is shrouded in our fate; The demon Goths pollute our halls With fire, and lust, starfall subscription discount and hate."Down Through the Ages philip Labonte 3:31.And never did our eyes leave those rat-holes for thirteen days.

Or dead return on battered shield, As martyrs for the right!
B "THE baltimore grays." AH, well I remember that long summer's day When, round about Richmond our broken ranks lay.
The wistful glance peered o'er the plains Beneath the starry light, And with the murmured name of God, He watched the camp that night.